Shelbyvision's Seriously Heavy-Duty Compass

Having taken mental notes for years on what feature were lacking in the compasses that I found available, I finally designed one that has every one of those features. It has articulated arms that allow both points to be perpendicular to the work no matter how wide you spread it. It will hold not just standard size pencils, but much bigger marking pens, and my favorite, a metal etching pen. All the joints have socket screws that can be tightened as tight as you desire with the included hex key so there is no chance of it changing its setting in the middle of drawing a circle.
It spreads out enough to draw a 25" circle, as shown above. Below, one of the biggest advantages for those who do raising, you can easily make concentric circles on a domed form, even if the sides are raised up to 90. Constructed of 304 stainless steel, it is sturdy enough for whatever abuse you can dish out, and will be a useful tool for generations to come.
Price: $55.00, including shipping, if sent to any of the lower 48 US states.
For all other locations, email me at steve(at), for your price with shipping, then click the button below, and you can fill in the correct total.